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Just starting tinting

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I have done my own vehicle a few times (Wrx hatch), my moms front windows on her G37xs, Dads truck and a few friends car. I still have so much to learn as every vehicle has new challenges. If you have any videos or simply any information that might help I will gladly take time to watch and read your comments. Thanks in advance!

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I honestly think is trial and error, no matter how many classes you take, there's nothing better than the real world experience, best thing or situation is go work at a tint shop thats willing to train somebody this way you get 

hands on, experience with industry veterans. Stan seems to be pretty popular so its obvious as a perfect choice to invest in his classes. 

Take Care

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El Malo, give Alexia a call at the shop about tintdude prices for the dvd set if you are interested. Lots of information to help new people learn and for experienced tinters to work faster, easier with cleaner work. 503 671 9615

Or www.autowindowtinting.com

Cheers and welcome to the forum :beer

Thank you, I've been reading up and doing some research. Found a shop that's willing to teach me every weekend so I'm hoping to pick up some great experience from them. Thanks again guys

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