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XM radio / aftermarket head unit

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I don't think so because the factory XM receiver IS the factory head unit. But there are so many new adaptors coming out all the time (to retain door dinger through aftermarket stereo, Bose integration, etc.) they just might make something for that.

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Guest MECPtech

Probability is no, due to appying an aftermarket radio. If there is an adapter, Periphiel makes it. Chances are you have On Star (activated or not), an RDS Radio, etc. The RDS radio has to be relocated, which Periphiel makes this adapter ($90). Best chance, relocate the reciever, and run a whole new dedicated ID and Sattellite Tuner...or opt. for recieving signal w/your OEM reciever. :lol

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Guest zolar

Heres the inside skinny;

xm used to license direct plug satellite recievers, to plug int the back of many head units, without a nasty rf modulator. But, they stopped to get in bed with delphi, gm and most oems. now the only available xm direct plug systems have to be bought through your happy car dealer. BOO! SPIT! CUSS! but, there is good news, xm is already set up for digital video streaming. Look for xm video in the very near future. They have pissed off the 12 volt industry, but it is a very cool product.

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