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Scam Alert

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I haven't seen one of these emails in a while and many of you might not be aware of the scam.





Hello This is Stephanie Morgan, am hearing impaired, i need your to help me tint 3 ford explorer and 2 escallade suv truck and i will like you tint the whole vehicle for me. the vehicles is presently in California with the shipping agent who is shipping it over here and the vehicles are 3 ford explorer and 2 escallade SUV truck and can I have the total cost OF 5 vehicle including the tax imposed on it , i want you to get back to me with your work shop address  so that i can forward it to the them to deliver it to your workshop am diagnose of cancer of the lungs so i will undergo a few weeks surgery so i will be making a deposit and do u accept credits cards.

Jessica Brown.


They will pay you with stolen cards and you'll be on the hook. Beware.


They will always say they are impaired somehow and have to go through some courier.

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