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Tint Poetry for TD

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dude, I'm a tinter not a poet! Lets see you kick some out.


"we don't write in Japanese -- the average Japanese syllable has dif-

ferent length and bears the different "amount of meaning" as compa-

red to those of other languages; thus "holy 17" can't be saved so

formally. When poets write or translate haiku into their language

they try to save haiku spirit, and somehow imitate the Japanese form

(the length of the lines, the breaks) - but at the same time they

take into account the common patterns of their own language so that

it sounds natural. This way most of Russian translations of classic

Japanese haiku have about 20 syllables; on the other hand, a haiku

in English, according to W.Higginson's "The Haiku Handbook", is bet-

ter when it's about 12 syllables:

old pond...

a frog leaps in

water's sound


See, there is no need to stuff it with more syllables; everything is

clear and reads well. Besides, the use of cutting word (kireji) is

demonstrated. Kireji is a special word in Japanese that indicates

the pause, the end of the clause. It's not translated into English,

but can be imitated with punctuation ('...', '--', ':', '!') or with

proper line breaks (usually kireji splits haiku into two parts,

the pause occurs at the end of the first or the second line)."

credit original poster


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