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Sydlin (out of Lancaster PA) films- quality and opinions!

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Hello all!

I am fairly new to film installation, I have about 5 years of moderate experience.

The past year of my 5 years has been getting really involved, and I am hoping to grow.

I've been using the 2ply film from Paul (who is the nicest guy I know!) from Sydlin.

I also use their graphite line, and on request ill use suntek carbon.

As far as the 2ply film from Paul at sydlin, it handles well, shrinks great, and has a good look.

I am looking for opinions on quality, and most of longevity of the film- how long does it stay color stable before it starts to turn purple/brown and break down?


Any ideas on life length would be great! and tips/suggestions!



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Yes I like his graphite! Matches factory great with the 18%.

Have you used the 2ply dyed film he offers? I like the way it handles and installs. Even looks. Just want to know how to quote the life span of it while I offer higher priced and quality films like suntek carbon and lu- I know about them through pamphlets and seeing them installed for over 3-5 years.

The longest I've seen the dyed film so far is about a year or two with no issues. Didn't know if it lasted an longer or had trouble in more sun prone areas.

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