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2015 ford edge back glass


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Soap or dryer sheet method is fine, I tack mine just in the middile and a little lower than half of the glass, Your Trouble areas are at the bottom, so tack it low to reduce them a bit. 

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My tip is clean the outside if the glass REALLY WELL. Those style tend to leave a lot of grit under the spoiler. It will rip and mark up your film when you hit it with a hard card while shrinking. :trustme I even shrink the tops of those with a MacTac felt card just to be safe.

Other than that it's a pretty basic shrink. Good luck. :beer

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whats the best way to shrink and how can i remve it  i took out all the screws

If it's anything like the Focus ST spoiler, there will be I think 6 plastic clips that help hold the spoiler down have to be very careful 1. not to break the clips and let the spoiler sit funny and 2. don't crack the spoiler from prying on it. The first couple are tough but after a couple they're easy to take off. Just take your time

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