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Last One To Post Game #573

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Just upgraded tapatalk on my phone.. Was on version 2.4.15... current version is 5.something. Very different. I hate change... not sure I'm going to stick with it... but I couldn't get the old version to read the R8 forums.  :mad


I liked the old version... very basic & simple... not flashy at all. Did what it's supposed to do very well.



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From what I can tell, it's working fine. :thumb


If I notice anything I'll let you know.


I think it's easier, at least with the old version, to read and reply to forums then bring them up in a browser. Even the mobile versions of forums. Which are a lot better then a non-mobile... but to me, still not as easy as using tapatalk.


I'll see how it goes. I read this forum the most, so I can always go back to the old version and ditch being able to read the R8 forum. :evileye    :lol 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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