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Last One To Post Game #574

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Congrats Ocala!!! :boogie



This is an off topic chat thread that is set to close at a random time within 5 days.

If you are the last one to post before it closes, you win and get a medal for your signature. :thumb

Have fun!!

TD will be along to set the closing time, and pick the bonus medal. :thumb






Can someone send me a PM? Trying to configure tapatalk...




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Congrats Ocala. Roach that Arnold classic is really fun. I've been a couple times. Just about meet any and everybody in the fitness industry.

:yeah  Roach if you need a place to stay during the classic I'm only about a 45 min. drive from it

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Thanks for the PMs. I think I got it setup right. I only want pm notification... no topics. :thumb



OverLord - thanks for the offer. I'll def. keep that in mind for next yr... or whenever I actually make it to one! lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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