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Ontario's New Modified Vehicle Law...

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So, I just heard that with this new law coming into effect, no modified vehicles can pass a safety. The MTO has started cracking down on shop's performing safety inspections, and with that being said, I was just told by a guy that a vehicle he was trying to have an inspection was rejected because, and I quote, "we can't safety vehicles with window tint any more". Apparently they also had to buy a light meter... Although there still is no actual benchmark percentage for the province.


Anybody else heard about this or know anything about it? Didn't find much on Google except for the deal it's always been here... :blink

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One of the guys I follow on YT had a video about this... I don't remember the details, but I thought he said it hasn't been passed as law... at least as of the time he filmed his video.


But he was saying the same thing as Ric.. whole industry being wiped out.



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Anything here that will suck the life out of you is a possibility :lol


I'm concerned for a couple reasons. One being, I'm wrapping a couple vehicles for advertising... one of which might just be a monstrous lifted animal... so you know, it would fantastic to do that, make it stand out, and then it get yanked :lol


Two would be that even though there still is no percentage in the law (35% mentioned previously was always just a number that people threw around... and was always a safe bet, but an officer can ticket you for anything, and conversely, you can fight it pretty easily because it's vague) while doing safety inspections after a vehicle is sold or being sold they want it removed if it's there. Which will likely lead to more issues on the road.... although, SO many vehicles here are tinted that it would be a complete cluster if they tried to nail everyone :lol

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Here in the US, The EPA has set its sights on "emissions" enforcement. ..Anything that alters factory emissions is effected. This starts from the air Intake and ends at the tail pipe. And covers everything in between. It would not surprise me if they started eliminating window film from cars because it reflects heat outward and adds to global warming.

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