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Untucking tools

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

Waht is your tool of choice for untucking gaskets.

I am on a crusade to try different time saving methods and when tucking seals, was wondering what is best to untuck with?

I have a snapon hook tool similar to the regular door seal gasket remover - is something like this suitable.

What do you use?


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Guest TINTFXold

I use a dental pick. its small enough that you dont have to worry about scratching the film, it has a pont so you can get a hold of the gasket an there is a curve on the tool head that allows the gasket to just "untuck" as I run it from side to side.......... its perfect.....

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I use a conquerer. I usually cut the squeegee strip corner off to make it more like a spear tip. I don't tuck though, I use the conquerer to get behind the film and start on one side working toward the middle, then other side working toward middle, then tuck middle, then squeegee or conquer from middle toward both sides, THEN wrap paper around conquerer to dry up water on filmside of the weatherstrip to keep film edge down so no fingering up in the film. Works 95% of the time by itself, but sometime heat or tucking is the only way to go. I don't have customers with rolling down problems as a result.

I'm still working on no metal touching cars, but the single edge razors, and trimming back glasses to fit are the only time we really need it because of the plotter.

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Guest Sprinter

I use the hook tool to getd the gasket up and then get my bone tool in there and run it left and right to get the gasket up, so bone tool for me.

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