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Homemade heat lamp demo

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Made this heat lamp demo over the weekend. Figured I'd post a few pics so anyone in the future could get some ideas of what they needed to do. This one isn't really anything special and can be made for about 50 to 60 bucks. All you really need is a six foot board, extension cord, thing to screw light in to, heat lamp, handle, and glass slides. I may possibly go back and rhino line the box in the future. For now though this is simple an effective.




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I went a little deeper and used the three bulbs on mine,, but I like that. Functional. :thumb

I would clean it up and caulk it up real good and then use come rattle can high temp ceramic (at least on the inside so the the heat flows properly and the coating won't be affected by it). Outside is on you.

Nice work. :thumb

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If I would've thought ahead a little I could've cut the sides and bottom longer. This would've made it where I didn't have build the holster on to the back. If the ceramic seems to sell pretty good this may be something in the future that I redo.

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Not knocking the fine carpentry you have goin on there. Wait yes I am :lol   ( stick to tintin) 


Pilot holes = woody less cracky  :poke


If you choose not to coat it in something heat resistant be prepared for the pine to dry out and crack more and for the resin to possibly run or at least get real sticky when the box is heated up.


Before you paint it take it apart and make a bottom slot so your glass no slidey

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