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1 year anniversary!

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Geez time sure does fly !


One year ago we started offering our auto/flat glass films and we are thankful for everyone who has been

with us in our super young journey. We take pride in offering superior customer service, quality products, 

and advice to anyone who needs help. I want to thank Tintdude for having us on here from time to time 

giving us the patience to "advertise" once in a while. I look forward to establishing more customers / friends

thru tintdude. If you havent tried out films yet please give us a holler at 510-441-8468 or email us at solartintfilm@gmail.com

or our site at http://solartintfilm.com

Thinking about giving away a roll of our carbon ceramic 40" x100 on a different poll/thread. Happy monday! :thumb

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I am sure that Tint Dude would be more than happy to let you run a raffle when you sign up to sponsor the website. That is one of the conditions of the raffles is that they are only available to the website sponsors.


Hit up TD, he would be more than happy to discuss your sponsorship opportunities to help support this incredible site. 

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