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Rayno Exclusivity Could Screw Existing Dealers.

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Ive spent the last few months researching Rayno and communicating with one of their reps after much due diligence I decided that I would be moving forward with Rayno as my ceramic line.

Long story short... I found out today that a local dealer has been in talks with them for exclusivity.

So i called Rayno to ask about what that meant for me. I were to invest in Rayno would I then be SOL if this exclusivity went through. Basically the answer is yes if you are currently an existing Rayno dealer and exclusivity is granted to some else in your area you're investment is will be wasted and you'll need to find a new film line.


I spoke to the rep for a little over an hour. (he wasn't rude at all) but I do feel that had I not called them to ask about this situation but to place an order they would have let me.

which is annoying.


I guess this is more of a vent than anything else.



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The film seems to be good the specs are quite impressive.I liked working with the samples they sent me. The only down side is that it has no track record. I was still willing to take the gamble.

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Rayno Rep came by my shop about 2 times he left me a sample, the film did work great but not to sure how to go about it and if its worth it?

its a good film at a good price. Just beware that you could be wasting your investment if someone around you goes exclusive.

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If a company can mark its high end film down 30% fairly regularly I feel they should just cut the crap, be a distributor and offe it full time at the reduced price... They seem to walk the between retail and wholesale

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I have done about 30 vehicles with their S5 line.  Shrinks well, optical clarity is nicer than my workhorse film.  No telling on longevity. 


A company that does multiple sales a year could be doing them in an attempt to buy market share, then back to normal business.  Hell, don't we all have a sale promo here and there?

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Just started trying rayno. Its one of the clearest films I have seen. Compare the optical quality to other films and you will see.

The pricing is right on for an entry level ceramic film and the specs are good. Im just worried about the longevity. It almost matches are madico 

charcool perfectly. So we can upsell the front doors to ceramic and keep the rear section charcool. This setup I can trust. Because the worst windows to redo

are the rear anyway and we only fix about 2-3 charcool warrantys per year. Charcool last about 8 yrs on rear windows and we have never seen a side window fail.

I found that the koreans make two types of ceramic films cheap with poor optical quality and the other is insane optical quality. The polyester they seem to use is not cheap.

Compare to johnsons insutair. Take both films on a lighted glass board and compare the color. The johnson definitely looks like its going to change to purple, it has a brown hue

to it from the overuse of yellow dye.  The s9 if the specs are correct looks like a replacement for formula pinnacle film or even super.

Well these are just my 2 cents.

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