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Where does one learn to tint?

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Stan fosters dvds would probably be the ticket. That and countless hours in the garage practicing. Long nights early mornings, oh, strong desire and passion for what you do. Without those last two it's just not possible.

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Lot's of patience. No fear of failure. Buy a box of inexpensive (notice I didn't say cheap) film, and start watching Stan's video's, and practice on Your own car. Don't expect to be proficient for AT LEAST two years.


You're Welcome.... :cool

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I teach classes in STL and have a five day course starting April 4th. Give Alexia a call tomorrow 503 671 9615 and she can give you details.

In a week I can't teach you how to be a fighter pilot at tinting but I can teach you how to fly the plane :twocents have had lots of success over the years helping people with the learning curve but after I teach you the steps to tinting differant types of windows differant ways you have to practice and practice then practice! Everyone learns at a differant rate so I have the DVDs as a stand alone program or for after class to review.

Global window film offers a ten percent discount on film purchases till you recoup the cost of my training so that's as Martha says is a good thing.



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