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15 year old Excursion retint-done but tips would be good

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Redid a buddies 2001 Excursion today.  He had tinted it way back with Gila or something cheap and wanted it redone.  Peeled right off.  Cleaned the crap out of the perimeter/tracks with a microfiber.  Razored the glass.  Squeegeed right after.  Cut the film, put it on the rear doors.  Wiped off with a Rayno cloth, sprayed perimeter around film.  Resqueegeed window, misted the air, then sprayed glass.  Misted air in front of film, peeled liner, sprayed film outward around perimeter then center.  Applied film.  Overall looked pretty good but had a few small fibers creep in from somewhere.  Redid Passenger side.  The driver side had same deal but was able to peel back and remove fiber.  BUT, it left some spottiness that I assume was the glue after I peeled and restuck it.  Definitely wasn't dust spots.  Wasn't sure if that would clear up or not so I just redid it too.  Overall the cut/prep was a piece of cake.  Application was a cake walk too overall just the contamination factor.  So, my questions are


1.) Any more cleaning/prep I could have done?


2.) The glue spotty appearance after peeling and resticking...would this have dissipated after a few days or was I on track to just redo it?  Though about leaving and seeing what it did but hated to wait and redo anyways.  But if you guys think it would have cured out, I might next time.

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After razor removing old adhesive from glass,,let it sit/dry and then fresh razor it again and scrub it,clean it again

Always seem to find more tiny glue spots that can mess up the next install,,the glue left over(if)will harden somewhat after a few minutes

And well felt bomb door glass are always a thing to add spots

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Sounds like you got all the glue. Could just be something on your fingers that left the spottiness; grease, or dust or something. With felts I usually just set my sprayer to blast and blast any loose contaminants out of the felts making sure to get a good river flowing.


Best way to find glue, especially when the window is wet, is to just feel her up with my hands. Get her wet, and feel her up.

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Cool.  Good tips.  Seems like I did mostly what i needed to just need to be a little more vigilant.  I think I might be getting a few spots from my finger tips.  I grab with my nails but maybe little dry skin or something coming off my finger?  The tracks are pretty good where the felt was.  Just a little spotty but I can spray it a little more next time.  I sprayed it from top to bottom pretty good but not crazy.  I think I need to be more conscientious too of when I mist not misting into the window as much and maybe more away from it, then spray/squeegee, then spray the application coat without misting again to avoid spraying any dust into the glass.  Especially like your tip CGT...lol.  I have started doing that after removing glue cuz Doo is right, there seems to always be a little spot you miss.....

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