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A belated introduction

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I just wanted to reintroduce myself...I have been checking out the site on and off for a while...I owned a window tinting company for about 10 years and had never spoken to another tinter other then the guys who worked for me so the board was great fun. I even found some new tricks.

I have been working in the 12v industry for the past while (remote car starter manufacturer) but have come home sort to speak and am now working for Madico in Eastern Canada. I was a Madico dealer and was a big fan of the product and the distributor up here so I think it will enjoy getting back into the industry.

So feel free to say Hi or simply give me a hard time...hey that's what message boards are for! Thanks!

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Guest TINTFXold

welcome and thanks for the open invitation to beat you up and then buy you a beer :lol6:spit:spit

thanks for the intro, I recognized the name from seeing you on before. Good to hear from you :spit

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