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Where do I start? A more logical set of questions...

Guest Johnny5104

Has the fire guy fell out of his tree?  

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  1. 1. Has the fire guy fell out of his tree?

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    • No, he feel from a 10 story building

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Guest Johnny5104

First off I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the message board and site...it has been very helpful when I am lost. I, also, like that other posting am looking to begin window tinting as a business but I'm not looking at starting for awhile (atleast till I become good at it). I'm a firefighter here and I'm looking to start my own business because we only work 10 days a month. I did my first vehicle the other day (my girlfriends) and have questions regarding some problems that I ran into. Below are my specific questions.

1. On the roll down windows that I did there are very small air bubbles around the edges. I don't believe this is dirt because I work in a very clean environment. What would you recommend I do to get rid of these? Do I just need to extract more water from it and work with it more? Could this possibly be because it's a ford and the rain-x they put on the windows?

I have meticulous with scrubbing and cleaning the windows.

2. I had a lot of fun with the back window..as most of you probably did on your first try...blah..blah.. anyways when I did get it to look decent...I ran into problems with combining or overlapping the two layers (bottom and top). I as it implies overlaped the layers and then attempted to cut right along the defroster lines but I still have areas that show through. Are there any tips or tricks that you guys use with that bit of fun? (luckily my gf is very understanding and doesn't mind the little gaps hahaha - although I'd wish they'd go away)

3. Alot of the message board has told me that the dox matrix is just nearly impossible to tint but when this guy that I had do my car (03 eclipse) he tinted right over the fading matrix and there are very few areas that haven't completely adhered to the window...how do you guys believe he may have done that? I know he didn't paint it...

4. As the beginning of the message has stated I am looking and learning and becoming good in the trade...I have purchased tint and tools and have guys at the fire station that are letting me tint their windows for cost of materials for me. Would you guys also recommend that I goto one of the local shops and see if they may be able to help me learn and if so how do I do that with out stepping over their toes and making them feel I'm going to take their business.

Thanks for all the time guys!

John (that fire guy)

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