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Dent Repair Company for Sale in Lafayette, LA due to terminal illness


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My husband has had a successful paintless dent repair company in Lafayette, LA for 22 years (dentgenie.com).  He has a huge customer base in both the wholesale and retail sectors.  Unfortunately, 10 days ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer that has spread all over his body. He has deteriorated rapidly, and we were told today that he only has a few days to live.  I am trying to sell his business.  The person interested must have at least 10 years in the business in order to be considered.  I am trying to continue the business that he worked so hard to make successful over the years. All tools will be included (he has a ton of custom tools that he created over the years).  The business is in an established area of Lafayette, LA. If anyone has other ideas for me as far as selling this business, or interest in buying a very successful, established dent repair business, please email me at dgenie@bellsouth.net

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