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Is there a different pricing structure for different people?  I was told of another company who has like $17 dollar DAP fees, where I am paying about 60 for a full front, give or take...


Last month my fees were throught he roof at over 1000 bucks and now I have added trucut to save some of that money in the bank.  But, what are other options in order to reduce the costs?

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Back in 2007 there was a price increase on the DAP. Everyone that was currently on it went from $15 to $16.50 for access fees. All accounts afterwards were set up at $20. Are you cashing in your rewards points for XPEL film?

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jeff, I use suntek film mostly, on occassion Xpel.  Dap is the easiest to use, but I guess if I took the time to learn trucut better, then I could say the same for it.


Im just pissed that 1000 of profit was eaten up, when trucut is just 100 per month, unlimited cuts.

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I use both systems. Mostly I use TruCut. Once you figure it out its easy to modify patterns which I do often. Trucut doesn't have the extent of the patterns that DAP does but I have to admit DAP is very expensive. If I used it extensively I would be going through thousands of dollars a month and the customer isn't going to pay more for me to use DAP. I also use Suntek film exclusively... so I am in the same boat as you.

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