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How many in a day


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I have been tinting for threes years. I just started tinting on my own and now have grown a pretty decent business. I use solar Gard galaxie and a plotter. I do a lot of hand cutting as well depends on the car. But I'm always learning day by day. And this form helps me a lot. So I appreciate that. But I was wondering what's a good average for one man to tint a day? Thanks.

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Remember its YOUR reputation on that glass.


What did they say in that commercial?  "First you get good THEN you get fast"


At our shop speed is appreciated ONLY if the quality is there.


Put out $#!T work you will be put out the door.



EDIT: To be clear its not a one 3FF up and you are out . Its more like If you consistently show you don't care about your and the shops reputation then you gotta go.

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Thanks I usually do two all overs and sometimes three a day. I'm very picky and take my time. It don't leave unless I'm happy with it. and one more question. I use solar gatd and haven't used anything else. Any suggestions? I'm just wanting to learn about of products and ways to get better and do the best possible for my customers.

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So I'm half way there of doing 3-5 a day. Some cars I can do fast but usually they don't come all in the same day. Lol may be a dumb question but where can I get info on diff types of tint. I have read up on some other kinds but I'm just having to learn as I go through practice and this site.

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For me I would use solar fx.look up Shawn .he might be able to set you up. The solar g. longer to tint with do to the glue and the tendency to scratch. Role off the glass. Just me though if you lie what your using then stick with it .also you got express window film .3m. Suntec.lumar.just to name a few.

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