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cleaning shop Misc items/film for sale

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SunTek ULV40 approx 30'

SunTek ULV50 approx 20' 100.00 for both plus shipping

3M Infrared kit 250.00 plus shipping

FXHP35 36" half a roll 75.00 plus shipping

SXHE-1034 36"x34'  Ice forest 50.00 plus shipping

SXC-130SR -46" white vertical stripe 1/8" stripe 1/8" clear 30 plus feet 50.00 plus shipping

MaxPro 3860 60" close to a half a roll. says 38% light transmittance but it is really dark. I would say darker than a 5% film. I bought it for a commercial project that I need something dark and not sure if the wrong lid was put on it. It is a PS automotive film 100.00 plus shipping

NRMFLT thin lines. CP film 60" about a half a roll 100.00 plus shipping






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