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Congrats Bham!! :boogie



This is an off topic chat thread that will automatically lock at a random time within 5 days. If you are the last one to post, you win! A bonus number is also drawn, so a random post wins too.   :thumb

Have fun!   :boogie




Bham - Just looked up those ladders.. they look pretty cool. The main reason I don't like them is the angle it puts you to the window. I don't feel safe working on the window itself like that. I guess it's not so much I feel the ladder isn't safe, I just don't feel safe using both hands on the window, pushing trying to get the water out behind the film. 


That said, I haven't used one of those before. Maybe I'd feel a little better on that. :dunno



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:boogie Another win. Woohoo. This is starting out to be a good month. Hope it continues. :thumb

After asking the question and thinking about flat glass installs,,,, I don't see where a basic extension ladder would be a whole lot of good except for, like I said, measuring maybe. If it's just to be able to reach a tape measure without having a huge ladder to deal with. I guess if all you did was estimates it would probably be your best friend,, much like the Little Giant is for installers. :D

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I use a 10-20ft ext ladder when necc and have a smaller little giant that goes to 16ft/strait or 8ft A,,sometimes use both together with ladder jacks and a plank

Also have 3/6/8ft fiberglass lightweights and a bakerscaffold 6ft

Mite get a bigger little giant/10ft A,,the $ has come down and they feel pretty safe,,but sorta heavy to lug around but work great for stairs and big glass that has a step at the bottom and the fiberglass ladders are to far away from the glass

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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