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2016 Challenger SRT Hellcat


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Of course the usual third light, but don't even bother. I swear I put 2 pounds of pressure on that thing just trying to prop it open with a pen under a corner and it popped. Honestly considering refusing to do Challenger back glass. I hate cutting around the third light I think it looks like crap.


If you're doing one warn the customer ahead of time. Guy was on a waiting list for 1 1/2 years just to have some asshat tinter turn his new car into a rattle fest. Just trying to do a nice job for you sir...


Maybe I'm just angry, but I think this is Chrysler's problem. It's bound to happen eventually. Lights are normal wear and tear. Who engineers this thing to do this? When a light burns out you can't replace it, or suffer a rattle fest for the rest of the car's life?

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Could have been just the one I did, or I wasn't careful enough. Ran into the guy at the mall, and he was happy as can be. The light didn't bother him at all. I couldn't find a single speck in the tint, and he was full of thanks.


I did notice this when going through my photos:




Front bumper is a different colour.


I applied paint protection to the front bumper on a yellow challenger last year. The customer had purchased it used, and I may have incorrectly informed them that I couldn't warranty it because it was not a factory paint job. They went ahead with it anyways. I suspect now that that was the way it came from factory.

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I've never noticed it before, but now that I look I can see it affects a lot of cars. Worse on some cars more than others it seems.


Many different reasons from what I read. Different paint batches at different plants and assembled, flex additive, the fact that it's plastic. One body guy says it shouldn't matter, the other says it does matter and flex additive isn't used anymore.


To me, honestly, I can't wrap my head around plastic as being the issue, as the paint isn't painted on plastic; it's painted on primer.


Either way I've never noticed a significant difference that stands out as much as on this challenger and the yellow challenger from last year. They seem way too far off to me. 


Look at this:



Is that even the same paint code?


Either way they're safe to warranty.

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The body of the vehicle and the bumpers are often sprayed at 2 different locations using 2 different batches of paint. There is a variance spectrum that manufactures use, and both the body and the parts have to fall within a certain range of each other. This is why there are multiple variants when repainting a vehicle. Some colors have 15+ variants.


This is why high end vehicles are still painted by hand with 1 mixture of paint. Its the reason that you don't notice this on say a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

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