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Windshield company


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If full vehicle, you would need to be marking it high, so unless you have dealership pricing on your windshield, I doubt it would be worth it.  If just the windshield, I would assume most people don't want their windshield tinted so not sure how that would work out.

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The wholesale price for popular car or truck windshields is about $80 then labor is added probly another $100

Long time ago insurance would pay $600 or more,,not anymore they wont

I was almost going to learn auto glass,,but I would pay the glass guy to install it and bill the ins co for a nice markup

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I'm sure it is probably a cheaper film, on a basic car, and it HAS TO BE an insurance claim, because of the amount they are making off the insurance on the backend.

They are making enough to cover EVERYTHING!!( and then some ) the cost of having the new windshield installed, plus enough to have the car cheaply tinted. They are still coming out great in the end.

It's a different kind of insurance racket (fraud, almost) that the businesses (not the customers) do. :twocents

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