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Kurt Cobain death

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was never fully been put to rest..I see on the news today, they are taking closer look into the possibilities of murd3r..and as suspected , involving Courtney Love..

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basically , she has his autospy report...if she would hand it over so it could be examined, they can clear her of any foul play that she's been accused of...problem is...she refuses...wonder why :cool:spit:shock

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Saw the documentary too. Her own dad says he wouldn't exactly rule her out either as far as homicide or assisted suicide.

He said that she was already turning tricks (s*x for dr*gs) and doing heroin and bringing her junkie friends around by the age of 16-17. Her dad claims he told her to clean up or get out. She chose to get out.

I'm not telling anyone who's side of the story to believe but take a good look at Courtney's life publicly and privately falling apart now.

The nanny who took care of Cobain's and Love's baby says that for a few days prior to his death all Courtney kept pressuring Cobain about was to finalize his last will and testament. The nanny said Love would treat Cobain like @#$% and call him a lousy father because he'd leave for weeks at a time touring with Nirvana. She says she used tactics like this with him frequently and this played on his emotions to no end. Nevermind the fact that she was getting high nearly every night and screwing every live body she could find. :spit Courtney is the definition of a beautiful hizzo: Someone you have to remain unequivacably loyal to yet she can do as she pleases with whomever she pleases without conscience or consequence. The guy, Cobain, submitted himself emotionally to a junkie who's only real partner was her Dr*g habit. What a b!tch. I believe that's what really killed him figuratively.

Some say he had severe stomach ulcers and painful gastrointestinal bleeding and treated himself with large doses of Morphine then later Heroin. It's rumoured that when either Dr*g- could no longer kill the pain he did himself in. :shock

I believe he was in pain both physically and emotionally. All the money in the world couldn't overcome that.


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kurt cobain is the SHOTGUN sherrif. he did the public a favor for blowing his head off, only thing is he should have taken that scum bag cuntney love with him. now her poor child is being forced to see her mom strung out on Dr*gs and god knows what else.

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