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Light Gaps In Window Tint - Acceptable or Too Picky?


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Hey guys,


New to the forum here and need some guidance.  I recently purchased a new 2016 Prius and paid $350 to have a detailing shop tint the windows with ceramic tint.


I have had 3 cars in the past tinted by the same shop/installer near flawless in the past, but the outcome of my job this time feels "rushed" compared to the perfect tint jobs I had on previous cars as I have noticed several light gaps and the job just doesn't seem as high quality as the past jobs I had.


I did not speak directly with the tinter but the individual who cashed me out claimed that their tool probably could not cover all light gap without having to modify the plastic seals.


Am I being too picky if I call the shop back and politely ask for them to re-do some of the windows?  I am worried about offending them and ending up getting an even worse job, but for $350 I feel the quality should be higher.


Additionally, if they refuse to re-attempt the job, should I ask for tint removal and refund?  Is it standard for shops to be open to this?  The shop had a disclaimer posted on only fixing window tint issues that are visible from up to 10ft away so I am not sure how open they are to re-assessing the tint job.


I am attaching some pictures for your thoughts.












Thanks for your help.







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Lots of new cars starting to come with these rubber set tiny windows. They take a lot of finesse and patience and time... Not everyone is willing to tint them to perfection though..

We see lots of cars with similar gaps being turned out... It can be done better for sure..

I would go back and ask the shop if they can improve on them... Some can... Some can't / won't ....

Good luck too you :thumb

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I'd go back and ask if they could do any better. If not go ahead and get a full removal and refund. Completely unacceptable. Like tts said those front quarters and can sometimes be difficult to get without some edge showing. If that's the case I will usually pull them.

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Man, if it's just the gaps on the quarters, I don't know if I would ask for a complete removal. If all the other windows are acceptable except the quarters, just ask them to try again. Being nice helps.


Your welcome. :cool

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The shop reached back out to me and offered to do a second attempt.  I am going to go back at the end of the week, but if they feel they can't do better I will ask for removal.  If they end up removing, is it safe to assume they'll know how to properly remove from rear windshield to not damage the defroster lines? 

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The tint is pretty fresh so it shouldn't be a problem. There are some newer vehicles that just have crappy defrosters though. Could always if you're happy with the back just tell them to leave it and take the sides off if it comes too that.

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Besides the quarter windows, on 2 of the 4 main windows, 1 has a very apparent light gap along the side down the window (that it's exact window on the other side does not have), and then each main window's upper left corner is clipped in a triangle formation (see the 4th photo) which I've never seen on previous tint jobs.. any idea why this triangle type clip would be done?  The 2 front driver/passenger windows would look great if they hadn't done triangle clips in the upper corners...

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If the shop reached out to you sounds like they are concerned and willing to make it right....  


before we get to nit picking.... just bring your concerns up with them and let them handle it....  sounds like they are willing to try ... Kudos to them :thumb

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