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Etch marks in clear after removal

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Just removed a full hood on a 14 Lexus with pearl paint.  Customer said film had discolored but the discoloration seems to be in the "flop" of the paint with a section that has a greenish hue the rest of the hood doesn't have.  The problem is where the adhesive was left behind left what looks like worm trails in the clear coat.  You can't feel them but you can see them from the right angle.  Never had this before and wondered if anyone has seen this or an idea what may have caused it.  Customer picking up car with no film on hood to take back to Lexus so see what they can do but I have no clue what happened.  Hoping it was a flaw in the original paint but will have to wait and see what the dealership says

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looks to me like it's a factory defect, unless they had the hood repainted and the previous installer didn't wait for the paint to cure. I've ran into this on the front of a motorhome, but then again it was fiberglass and had only been painted the day before which I found out after I peeled paint and made a couple marks like that.

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May be the install had minor scratches and used a heat gun to remove the scratches. It literally baked the adhesive to the point of not coming away with traditional methods of removal.  :dunno


I still have a mar in my Mini Cooper Countryman's hood paint where heat gun was used to remove scratches while testing a new version of PPF. It's so minor I blew off having it buffed out.

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Wouldn't have been from a heat gun, its only where adhesive was left behind and according to the owner, was never repainted and new when he brought it to me although that doesn't mean it wasn't repaired before he was sold the car.  Thanks for the inputs

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I would have said if you can't feel it it would be under the clear coat and as the customer is having issues with the paint anyway I would say there is where the problem lies.



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Had the same thing on a brand new GT3RS, its from the film and paint chemical reaction, this was just on the factory white film for shipping on fresh paint... We were able to diminish it with a compound and polish.

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it etches the clear.


I bought a car that the previous owner removed the bra. you can see the line where the film went to.

chemical reaction it looks to me. its an 04 vehicle so maybe it was left on too long and happened.

ive seen a few like this. not sure of the film to confirm. but it does happen. some color looks worse then others.


I was going to wrap the full hood but you would be able to tell where it was before. going to film it to where the flaw line is so its hidden.

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