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worst tinting injury ever

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

I had my worst tinting injury ever yesterday. I was tinting a house in tyler and fell off the ladder onto concrete. it was an outside overhang, covering a patio and had windows in the top portion. the windows are too high to see through, but at 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun comes right through them and onto the pation. it was right by a pool, so the concrete was that small rock crap that hurts to even walk on it, but keeps you from slipping when it's wet. the ladder just fell to one side and my feet were about 5 feet off the ground. it definately could have been worse. but all I ended up with was a cut up knee, elbow, and hand. once I got the blood to stop, it wasn't that bad. but the worse part was it pulled my left ass cheek muscle and hamstring. I can't sit, stand, lay down, nothing. hurts like a mother f****r. I've seen pro athletes pull these things and said to myself "what a baby". but now I know, hurts like a mother.

did take this pic while I was out, the guy was walking to it while I was taking this pic and he just watched me. I guess he thought I was admiring it.

if you're going to do fader film, at least do it on ALL the windows. this looks like shieat


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Guest DontWorryItWillDry

Oh man TTS, glad to see you can still type. When I saw this thread I said to myself...since he didn't post last night...maybe he injured his fingers from the post hoe'in session the other night. Well..now we all know.

Hope your ass (no pun intended. :angel) feels better.

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Guest powertints

That sucks man!! Hope you are feeling better soon. That has to put a damper in certain "social" activities eh??? I know, probably didn't spell it right... :angel:ford

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Guest thetintshop

thanks for the support. well, there's one good thing coming out of this, I won't have to do any cars for a few days. I tried today and can't climb in the back of them.

one of my used car dealers came by today and asked what was wrong, he said I was walking around like an inmate after his first night in prison. he did a little time, so I'm sure he would know.

I was going to take a pic of my hand, but I thought it might be a little gross if somebody was on during dinner time.

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Guest thetintshop

I don't go to the doc unless something's broken. you know how it is, doctors don't know what the hell they're talking about, bunch of minimum wage working assholes. :angel

it's right on that little bone on the side of my hand, and you can tell in the pic that it's swollen, just glad it's not on my right hand!!!! :ford

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