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Brushed Steel

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Just getting into this, and I've always had confidence in 3M products.  But not anymore with Scotchgard after reading a little around here.  My impression is that Suntech is clearer, but the fact is that Xpel has the long warranty so I guess we'll go with that.


My own car is black, and I want to give it a tuxedo, like this:



But I don't want a lighter gray like this, I want a darker brushed metal, like 3M's Brushed Steel.  But again, after reading about 3M on this forum maybe there's a better brand.


I think this Arlon looks great, except I want it in darker silver:



What brands of brushed metal do people have confidence in, specifically for longevity?  Arlon?  Avery?  3M?  Bueller?


Apparently the procedure to apply 3M's Brushed Steel is waterless.  Is it only them?

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