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Strange round shapes outside door glass


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Really difficult to take a picture of and perhaps to even explain. Basically when I wipe a damp towel across certain areas of vehicles exterior windows I can see a round type 2-3" shape becoming visible. Once dried it goes, until wetted again. Actually when the windows get dusty you can see the shape all the time, turns blue purple against the window tint. Wiping it with a window cleaner or clay barring it does nothing. Just shows the shape when wet again or when window gets dusty.

Running wet fingers over it also indicate less resistance / friction in the said shape.

Any ideas ?

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There is some acid etching from atmospheric contamination.

There was something on the window that protected the "spots" from the etching. You will get that from decals or stickers.

You might get a glass polish to remove the contamination or try something like rain x to coat the whole window.

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New cars? Sometimes I notice the suction cup marks from the machines at the factories installing the windows

Yes it was a new car. A few 2 or 3 inch circles on the front of the windows . It's not even a proper circle, imagine getting rolling a claybar and then pushing it on the glass , a blob shape more like.
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