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So gentlemen,

We recently moved into a bigger location and remodeled a showroom, when it came to displays I couldn't wait to have something that looked great hanging there, but (you may have experienced this before too) I was totally blown away by how much film manufacturers were charging for displays. Which forced me to be creative, and I think we've come up with a pretty decent, versatile, customizable film display, and it could probably be done for less than half of what I was told the manufacturers was. So I come to you with the thought of possibly doing a little side business making window tint, PPF, and vinyl wrap displays. This is only a feeler right now, so any input is appreciated! Based on responses perhaps i'll pursue it a little more.


I've attached a couple pictures. The displays are made of 5mm thick acrylic. They measure 14" x 27", and I have them mounted to the wall using a 1/2" x 1 1/2" brushed nickel standoffs. They look super professional in person. The acrylic and standoffs I bought, but the pictures/images I made. See we do vinyl graphics and wraps as well, so it took no time to whip up the text/images. Which means that I can also customize anything and everything about the display and the information on them. Add your logos, remove manufacturers logos, use a different background picture, etc. I also like this because even though I use a couple different manufacturers films all my displays look the same. I don't have SunTek over there and Xpel for example over there. 


Like I said, just gauging interest as of now. I don't have an exact idea of price yet, but if we get that far I'll be happy to do some number crunching. Let me know what you think!









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Those look nice Mpameno81!

Unlike a lot of the other film companies out there we don't use our promotional products as a profit center.

As an example, we sell our tshirts for less than $8 each. Our 3'x8' outside banners are $11, inside 5' tall floor standing banners $14, and our 18"x24" wall displays made from polycore aluminum are $59.

Here is an example of our wall displays and banner:




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The image below reminded me of a high end home we did work in years ago. Only his was painted in the Tromp l'oeil  style and very realistic. Looked like a warehouse full of cars but the true garage walls were kind of a "y" shape allowing parking 3 cars to the left behind the one car in the garage entrance .

His head of security said the best security system in the world allows putting something right in front of you and you cannot see it.



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I thought about real glass tintmeister, and I could have had a couple made up glass, but for the sake of cost (and a little safety, I worry about a random kid grabbing and pulling them or something) I decided to go acrylic. But for an interior application and for the displays purpose acrylic should work just as well as real glass.

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