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is it ok to have a little bit of dirt on tint when installing it?


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hey guys I know that there is some really picky customers out there and they inspect their tint job inch by inch. But from what I understand tint is not perfect. So is it normal when you are done with a tint job to see a few dirt bubbles or bubbles from the felt of the car?

now my guys clean the inside of the windows very well and they wrap the window trims with tape to avoid any hairs coming from the felt of the trim.

how perfect can window tint get?


Thank you,

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Bnwm you are right, nothing is perfect :twocents generally a pinpoint spot here or there can happen. If you are seeing stuff while it's still wet you might have a problem. Everyone has differant standards and the meaning of the word perfect can get mixed around!

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Yeah usually when it's wet is when I am like, "Dang, that looks good!"  But then a few specks pop up here nad there after a bit.  That's one way I keep people from thinking they are gonna linger around while I do some unless I know them well.  I tell them I have to have it for a while to check it out after it dries some.  Plus shop lighting and sunlight show a lot different.  Any hairs I redo it.  Those you can see right away.  A big bullseye dirt/glue whatever I pull it.  Small dust particles that you have to get your face right to the glass to find I don't worry about.  The only thing I don't like about those is being able to spot them before you let the car go cuz you can knock those out with a chizzler.

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So true :twocents Dakota! I try to never let the customer look at the car under shop lights and always do our last inspection outside when we can.

Yes a chiseler is worth it's wieght in gold. Next time you are at a art store check out all the small wood implements they sell for who know what.... Think new chiseler.

Bmwm do you Install and are they cleaning using a short like six inch Unger squeegee?

I like the phrase " Inspect what you Expect " ...... I would put that on my signature it I knew how!

Cheers all

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30 years. I always ask myself, " Would I pay for that"?, if yes, great, if not, well you know the rest.

Have a great day Gentlemen and Ladie's of the blade.

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Since I been reading these blogs about imperfections, I usually sit in the car and see if it is with in the drivers view with some specs I will pull. Usually most front windows I came across the specs are closer to gaskets. I have had flawless windows to ones that kick my ass all pending how DIRTY the car is. I just done a 2003 passat the back window kicked my ass I still had some debris in the bottom corners after pulling the rear deck. The customers car was all dented and not very maintained. The interior was clean and the glass had old collage stickers on the inside of the back glass. I took the judgement call to stop wasting film. I usually strive for extreme quality and pull film if I do not like it. because Image is everything when it comes to tinting.  

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