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Aswf is impulse the same as suntek hp?


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I seriously doubt they are the same. Two totally different companies. While some crossover tech could be there,, pretty sure they are different. :dunno

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Honestly I can't answer that anymore. I used to use ASWF but the impulse line started failing really bad on me. Cost me lots of money.

ASWF has now bought a bunch of new machines and are changing everything up again,,, so who knows?? :dunno

Not even sure the impulse line still exists. Don't care really.

For a company that is supposed to be one of the top laminators in this industry,,, they sure have put out some crap, and have changed things far to many times for me to consider them a reputable film company anymore. :twocents

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I'm using ASWF Impulse right now and for some reason when I use the hardcard while shrinking it, the film separates itself from the other film. I have to be very careful when pushing with the hardcard because it creases when they separate. I ordered some Classic Black Global and I am hoping that it can replace the ASWF. From what I am reading from all the professional tinters here, Global is better than ASWF. So, going to give it a try, maybe you should too. I was willing to pay for their sample roll but all I had to do was send them 2 invoices of my previous orders from other distributors and they gave the sample roll to me for free. It's suppose to come tomorrow.

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