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Any Recommendations for Diagnosing Tools?

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Hey Ladies and Gent


I currently do a lot of wiring and diagnosing for my job.  I work for a window tinting company which also installs remote starters, car alarms, car audio, cameras, and monitors.  Many times I come across electrical problems since most of my day is wiring.  For the most part I just use a power probe and it does the trick.  I can figure out many problems with that tool and would not trade it for anything.  


With this said what other tools do you guys find helpful?  Anyone who does wiring or troubleshooting  on a daily basis feel free to chime in.




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I would have to agree with Lee on the Multi-meter. With the newer vehicles and the computer systems, a simple light probe can set off the air bag in the vehicle. And if that depolys, it is a very costly replacement. Much cheaper to buy a quality Multi-Meter.

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I agree.  As far as diagnosing goes, there is no replacement for a good multimeter, and of course knowing how to use it properly.  I have the power probe 3 master kit and love that thing!  Couldn't live without it.  Although with newer vehicles you could really cause some damage using it on low voltage vehicle communication systems (CANBUS).


If we're talking non diagnostic electrical tools, make sure you pick up a pair of these automatic wire strippers if you haven't already!  Seriously one of my favorite tools.  There a couple different branding options for this tool, but I think the OTC is the cheapest.






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