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Fighting contamination


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Hey all, I know there are tons of post and topics on this subject, and I've tried all of the tips I've read. Here is the process that I use before I lay film on a vehicle:


-Wash all tools with soap and water

-Wet the shop floor down

-Close shop door

-Razor blade the window and side channels/seals

-Squeegee the water to the side seals

-Wipe the side seals down with rubber corner tool

-Flush the seals with sprayer

-The SECOND I start pulling the liner off, I start spraying the film

-Spray window with solution

-Lay film


Yet I ALWAYS have some sort of contamination in the film. It's been getting to me lately to where it keeps me up at night and I get discouraged. This is what I love to do, so I don't want to feel this way. I feel like if I overcome this obstacle, it's smooth sailing from here.


Am I missing something?!

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Your installations are only as clean as your working environment. If You work space is dirty....clean it. Also, right before You final squeegee the window, hit the top edge and channels with a DRY Bounty™ paper towel.


Your welcome.... :cool

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You should take a video of yourself tinting a door glass that way we can see what you might be doing wrong,I do know sometimes people use to much water trying to flush and actually cause more contamination.It also helps to mist the air right before you pull the liner :DD

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With that widespread amount of contamination and how thorough you are then I would say that you may have dirt or dust in your sprayer. What kind of tap do you use? Has screens; are they clean, oxidized? Is it a tight squeeze, like a small sink, and you need to touch the bottle to the tap? Don't use a hose.


Also it looks like you might be touching the top seal when you clean and it's dumping contaminants onto the window.

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I actually thought it could be the sprayer, so I bought a brand new one from Interwest, this was the first car with that sprayer. I use tap water out of the sink, I've also tried distilled water.

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Distilled water works best... I hate hand sprayers to be honest, Corny Tank or nothing for me.   How far is your peel board from the installation piece on the car?  My peel to glass distance is about 2 feet.


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Great video Rjsi! 


I actually don't even use a peel board, I place the film on the back window (after it's been cleaned of course) and then transfer it to the window, I use the windshield for the front windows. I also use a slightly different technique than you do, I do the top of the film first, squeegee it, roll the window up, then peel the rest of the liner and slide it down into the bottom gasket.


I use the following technique:


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