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What to do when you want to tint but can't?

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I'm still new to this doing it on my own.. Been 6.3 months and I really, really love it.

Only problem, is that I'm not super busy. (Flat glass only shop)

I had one house last week... Pretty decent size. 400 sq/ft. give or take a bit.

Then on Friday - I had three estimates... would have had a 4th but the person wasn't home. Waiting to here back from them to see if they will fly, but I think at least two of them will. The 3rd said maybe in a couple months... after all their hard wood is faded. :dunno

Anyway, I have nothing lined up for this week.. or next really..

And I'm itching to do SOMETHING. If the weather was nice I'd go door to door asking if people would like a free in-home consultaion. :dunno

I don't really know what to do.. I can't make these people buy, believe it or not. lol

I just really, really like having my own business, sans the down time, and I really enjoy tinting. As long as the windows are clean, anderson type windows. :dunno


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Hmm.. Well, I don't wanna call them yet.. I know when I worked at the shop I used to work at, they would call people over and over to where they, the customer, started to complain about being bugged.

So I wanna wait at least a week before calling them back.

As for the flyers... that's not a bad idea... I think I'll print up a bunch tomorrow and start working on them.


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Drop off flyers door to door.  What have you got to lose,  Why wait for the customer to call you? Call them, at least they'll know your interested in doing the work

Flyers are an excellent idea for this. :dunno

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Guest dodgyone

We do more than just window tinting so when things are slow I go out and talk to the dealers about graphics, rear spoilers etc. Usually pick up a days work at least.

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Guest Marco

Is the price of your estimates too high?I have noticed people go for the cheapest estimate because it's only for there house and they really don't need it.I do a bit of everything...houses,cars,commercial buildings,dealers and I have four independent shops that call me in when someone needs tint work :thumb

These are all my side jobs,it could help if ya do other things while you wait for more customers..at least that way you could pacify the itch to tint til something comes along :lol

As for the flyers it is a good idea..I'll share a few tips.

Go to the mall and put the flyers in there driver side door gasket,when I find flyers under my wiper I toss it to the ground so does everyone else.

Talk to the mail man and slip him a couple bucks to slip the flyers in with the mail.

Go out of your area and leave a stack of flyers at a corner store counter,ask first.

Spread out the times you send out your advertising so you don't get a rush then all of the sudden it dies off :lol

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Guest S and S

I went through the phone book and got people's names and addys that I knew lived in the rich neighborhoods around here...made up a pamplet...mailed it to them...done like 50 and got 10 jobs...was worth my time and it helped me kill some time too!!

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