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2016 AMG GTS


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hey guys I am relatively new to the forum.  I have been on for a while and just registered.  I have been doing tint for a little while and keeping with the easier and more simple jobs, pick ups and SUV's for my detail clients.  Well I have a client with a new GTS and wants me to tint it. I have serviced all his cars for years so the trust is there. One of my questions is the side door glass has a wicked curve on top and bottom, I know I will have to shrink the bottom of the window but can i and should I shrink the top? How about door panel removal since it has some serious weatherstrip on the inside bottom edge of the windows.... remove the door panel or try and get it with the striping in place? 

Just looking for opinions as to what a more seasoned installer would do. 

thanks in advance. 


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I have done a hand full of these. They are easy as it gets. No need to pull the panel. It's frame less. Just slide the tint in the bottom gasket. I just shrink them on the bottom. 

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