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Guest Against The Wind

Y'all must fill me in. What is the deal with the Tint Terrorist? I couldn't stop laughing when I saw his avatar and the things he says. Bravo. I think it's hysterical

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Y'all must fill me in.  What is the deal with the Tint Terrorist?  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw his avatar and the things he says.  Bravo.  I think it's hysterical

Brief History:

Tint Terrorist claims to have got started in the tint biz by raiding the dumpsters of a couple of well known tint chains for end of roll product - roughly the last 5-10 feet of film on any given roll.

Also says he came up hard and learned his trade on the streets and in back alleys where he typically conducts his business. Limo Tint.z is his stock and trade and he's quite fluent in urban speak and Ebonics. He's certainly not above takin' a lowballer's money and giving them a substandard product in return giving into the ole sayin, "You get what you pay for." All sales final is his mantra. He walks around with a pellet gun thinkin' it makes him look tuff but in reality we all just laugh at him because he can't even afford to buy pellets.

Don't laugh at him in person as he might sic his tinter wannabe posse on you.

If I'm wrong with this brief synopsis I'm sure Tint Terrorist will try to correct me, threaten and or insult me for speaking out on his behalf. :thumb

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