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He must of thought I was a complete idiot

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I have just bought myself an old truck identical to one I had back in 96. I bought that one new and had a buddy of mine do a tint job on it, which still looked great 10 years later when the ex wife totalled it! I missed the heck out of that truck, so I finally lucked up and got another one, a plane Jane 95 F150 xl with a 302, chrome wheels and straight body. It is getting damn hot here in upstate sc, so I start shopping for good window tint shops. The shop that's been around for years, and does everyone's vehicle is great, they do good quality work and never heard any complaints. I should of went there and been done with it but I guess I got on a research binge and for some reason I wanted to put 3m tint in my truck, it has lifetime warranty and I just always trusted the 3m name. I noticed a brand new shop opened with a sign saying 3m tint, so I make the call and everything seems great.. Now the next few paragraphs are probably gonna be pretty unbelievable, the customer always exaggerates and tries to make someone look bad if they get mad right? Well, I have never told the truth anymore than what I'm about to tell, I may be partly wrong and if so I'd like to hear a professional tint installer tell me that I did wrong, and I'll go back and apologize. I made an appointment with this guy who owns more than one business, I didn't have anyone to pick me up this day so I made sure to OK it with him and he said no problem. I went in on time and looked at the tint he offered, I specifically wanted the stuff that had a lifetime warranty and not the fx sl I think, the good stuff is crystalline I got two below that, one above the cheapest, which he said he didn't even offer the cheapest, so great I said and two other guys are there and one gets my keys and pulls truck around. They left door open as if to say, no boundaries, come on back, so I did and I read people good so if I'd of been unwelcome I'd of got the hint and went into lobby, with no chairs. The guy pulls in my truck and actually scares me he's gonna rip my mirror off, but he didn't and I stand back and just watch the most horrific scene I've ever seen begin unfolding. The owner is training two guys to tint and I honestly believe that this was the first vehicle they'd started on. The owner starts cutting out my tint on the plotter and I am thinking OK, well this guy's got twenty years experience so he's gonna handle it. He cuts it out and lays it on glass work surface, first thing happens is the new guy removes backing and puts his fingers on sticky side, I cringe but shut up, the owner sees him and says don't touch that anymore, umm, anymore? It's prolly a good idea to check it but no, he slaps it on the window and goes with it. I told myself OK, I'm sure it'll be OK. Then comes the vent windows, both installed and I see, honest to God, 1/4 inch light at bottom, I say hey, you can fix that right? No he said, the computer cut it and that's all we can do, he looked and said well, that's a lot, I'll recut them. While he's cutting them he slaps on back window, right lower corner and bottom, 1/8 inch light gap, top left, another 1/8 so he says well, over the years the rubber shrinks, nothing we can do, I can only do what computer cuts. I said well, I brought it to you so it'd be right, I actually tried it myself and had less light gap and was embarrassed so I ripped it off. I said can't u put it on back window and cut it and transfer it inside and you cut it instead of computer? He actually said, no, I don't do that anymore, I usually remove back window, I said OK, I'm done, his helper had installed vent windows by this time and was done, trash under them that you could actually see, I said just pull tint off and I'll leave, so then the attitude changes, they rip off tint and it's just a bad situation all the way around, I've been scraping glue off side windows for an hour and wasted half my day. So was I wrong? Should I of accepted that whatever the computer cut is right, or should this guy find another freaking business to open?

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As you found out, finding a quality shop is more important than the brand name of film.  Unfortunately you came across a plotter shop which most likely has no actual skill.  Not saying it can't be done proper with a plotter, but a lot of times it is not.  

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I didn't leave a dime with him, it makes me so mad that most folks are too scared or embarrassed to make a scene and say anything about a sketchy job. He's basically hiding behind the 3m name and learning as he goes along. He actually trimmed the rubber around the vent window with a razor so you wouldn't see gaps from the outside, but the joker didn't even make sure to try and cram it down in his cut. It really sucks I couldn't of gotten the 3m tint, the amount of glue it left behind is amazing, looked like really good stuff.

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Hey, I really want to stress something here, I'm truly not one of those asshole customers that want a free ride, or didn't like the way you looked at me wen I walked in the door. I would of loved nothing more than to of gotten this done and done right. I never expected perfect and never will, I would of gladly overlooked or dealt with a little bit of imperfection, hell I would've even helped the guy, but when he refused to lay it out on the window and at least try, I was done.

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