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anyone can teach me vinyl wrapping in melbourne?


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hello i am living in Melbourne working as a tinter, for a long time i ve been thinking of getting my foot into the  wrapping industry.

is there anyone who can guide me? the only thing i know is tinting so if someone would like to exchange skills i would be really interested



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Hmmmm..........Pay me to come down and stay for a few months and I'll show you .


Can't say you will learn anything but I'll help you help me have a great time :lol


Seriously though, Most distributors have training available at your cost .


If you are willing to go out of country try these guys:



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Im going to give a useless reply but i am pretty damn sure theres a company in melb that do a wrap course its maybe a week long course so will go through basics and how to do most things with wrapping but like tinting it will take lots of practice to do it well. maybe call up gamart or whoever is the hexxis distributor they may be able to help

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lol...you from canada?



What gave it away?


You can throw any weather at us we laugh.


I worked on a farm for a summer years ago. I thought it was VERY funny that we Canucks were in light tee shirts and shorts while the Jamaicans and others were wearing 2 sweaters and long underwear!


It rains so hard it floods we canoe to work

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