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Questions On Colored Film...

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I install Formula One and was never given a chance to check out the colored films out there. So I have 2 questions. Are they all dye, because some look metalized? If they are dyed then how long in general do they last before fading?

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Guest Sprinter

had a call today to remove red film from a car because he said it just does'nt keep the heat out!

low heat rejection and as far as I know all dyed in colored films and scratch easy!

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If you want to do graphics, put the coloured film on first.

You will scratch the hell out of it trying to squeege the water out because its crap but once you put a nice film behind it, it will hide the scratches from the inside.

Give no warranty on them and if they want a good heat rejection film sell them something else.

They look good for flames and logos but thats about it.

Im pretty sure SunGards colours arent metalised but a German company called Foliatec think there colours are pretty good but give a 5 year warranty, you decide.

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Guest Against The Wind

Wish I could help out RW, but I don't mess with colored film either. Mosolarpo is right in the sense that it's got metal behind it.

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Guest metint

LLumar has non reflective green, blue, red, yellow w/scratch resistant coating for graphics... Sun Gard Solar Gard and Madico also have limited non reflective color selections.

Protect Gard can possibly hook you up with reflective colors. :jerkit

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