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Economic --Glue film,Dyed film

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If you are searching the econmic window film , here is the right place.


 Now many place of the world are more like the lower price film , cause the climate warming makes the hot weather ,

the long lasting film is not suitable. 


Yes, you may ask why?   so why?  ------- people want to change after 3 month, whatever the 3M film or the no brand film .



Here is the low price but also suitable quality, for 2 -3-5 years. ------------------Glue & Dyed film. :woot2

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Dyed films are the bread and butter of this industry :gasp


There are many discussions of Nano Ceramic tech here and there but most customers do not have the budget to spend 

$500-$1200 on a ceramic film so most shops stick to what they can "sell" and that is lower end Dyed Films which fade 

in 2-3 years time which most people end up having a different car by then. I think thats what this thread starter is trying to say.

Cheers Folks!

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