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Unf*cking Believable- Lost bid to Solar Screen Co!


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I can't believe this @#$%. I went in pretty low on a flat glass job (about 760sq.) just to get some business and was outbid by a solar screen company.

The guy who broke the bad news said that he was quoted about 60% of what I quoted him by the screen company. :shock:hmmm

I'd like to put the sq. foot price I quoted him but some on here would get upset but :lol - I should have gotten the bid with the price I quoted.

The solar screen market must really be whored out big time.


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Before anyone says, "I guess that's what happens when the lowballer gets lowballed" but I'm coming out of a brutal Winter and needed some cash flow. I thought this little deal would have given me the boost I needed. It only sunk the knife in deeper.

This sucks ass. I'm moving to Wichita and applying at Longhorn Trailer tomorrow morning.

Booga beware! :lol

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I am not going to argue.

my kitchen area was hot as hell in the evening with film the sun sets in the west and blast into our kitchen area. the glass and framework of the glass was hot as hell to touch. now with the screens up you can touch the glass and framework and it is merely warm and not so hot you want to yank you hand back. it has made a difference that the film couldnt.

I agree screens are not a replacement for film but in extreme conditions like mine where its 100+ plus everyday and the sun is directly in yout west side of your house, you can definitely tell a difference. visibility is cut down though.

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Guest Readyman

Solar Screens are dark, look like crap and only last about 5 years. They are hard to keep clean especially if you live in an area where the wind kicks up.

Many screen companies also claim to block 99% of the UV, :thumb but think about it, all of the light that is coming in enters through all those little holes that allow light in, it does not pass through any UV filters, so how can it reduce UV?

We used to do Solar Screens a few years ago but stopped because they were a pain the ass.

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