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obey the tint laws?


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I see a lot of tinting done in my area with cars going out of the legal limit. in illinois fronts are to be done at 35% and nothing on the front windshield besides 6 inch strip. What are the risks of a shop owner to go outside the legal limit? I do not want to turn down money....

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Depends on how the law is worded in your area.  Does the law state that you cant have a vehicle with XX% or does it say that you can't install XX% on a vehicle or both?  here it is both, cant drive it, cant install it.  If it can be proven that you did the tint, in the event of an accident, you can be held liable if its found the accident was the cause of the accident.  And i know there will be those who said it would never happen, but it does....I have seen it.  I personally know of a tint company that got sued after their son was killed in a car that they tinted.  The tint was found to be a major contributing factor, and that company lost the $1,000,000 law suit. 

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I would love to find an article talking about a real life situation of this happening. Then I could  hang it in the show room ,and just point to it when a custy argues about the laws.

Do illegal tint enough and it may happen to you! :lol

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Illinois is 35 if the rear isn't darker or factory privacy. 50 on the front of a factory privacy.

It is illegal for anyone to install a film that is illegal so you could be fined and worst case get a civil suit like stated above.

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Poersonally, I have the actually laws laying on my counter. If somebody asks, I just point to the papers. If they say, "aw c'mon, I won't tell anybody you did it...I will say I did it!" I reply, "are you asking me to do something that you now know is illegal? Do those lines work when you walk into your pharmacist and ask for some OxyContin? Cuz they won't work here. Why would I risk everything I have worked for for a measly few bucks. Would you?

After saying that one time, the customer stopped for a second, them replied, "how did you know I was a cop?" I told him I didn't, and that that was my reply to anyone who asked. About a month later, he came back into my shop and said he believed me, because they had had 4 more plain clothes cops try and catch me in the meantime.

Theses days, most walk into my shop and just say either, "I don't suppose you do (name illegal tint) do you?" or "I already know you won't so i won't ask."

You could also try posting the old faithful sign in the customer area, "We don't tint illegally, so please don't ask."

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