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Tips for installing in hot temps

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Shop is not climate controlled.

What are some tips you guys have? Cutting and trimming was a botch, the film was rubbery. Weeding was a paint 10 min after it sat in the shop, which had to be 95 degrees today. Edges wouldn't go down very easy, even with letting them sit. As I said, rubbery feel to the film and very stretchy.

Suntek film

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Weed the kit as soon as its plotted, you may have sheared a bit of adhesive away from your edges by delaying that.  Keep your film cool if possible, we have AC only in the office areas so all film is kept and cut in there.  You can also put the pieces for the car you are working with in a refrigerator and just take them out one at a time as you get to them. Cut your alcohol down to 5-10% and double or even triple the J&J in your slip solution.  Get a standup AC unit..or two.  Makes about a ten degree difference in my shop and gives you a  place to stand when you can't stand no more.


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I know exactly what you are talking about. I have been 100% loyal to xpel for years now, and I must say that I have been working on different ways to manage the material in different temps. I've been doing nothing but clear bra for over 11 years, and I must say that I've had to change some things lately. Apparently this is normal, so, what I can recommend is to handle it with a much more careful, gentle hand. I can't say anything about the fact that there has been a solvent smell with every other roll, but I work in NJ, and this is our hot season. I am also training my first employee and he has made more progress in his first year than I did in my first year, which means that I am forced to pay more attention to the film than I normally would. The first thing that I can recommend as a professional is to add a bit more soap, don't press as hard as you are used to because it will bruise. When you get a bruise, you will feel how soft the film is, which runs a risk of stretch lines when you lift it. So, when you lift it, I'd recommend using as little alcohol water as possible except for the edges. You'll notice that if you use alcohol/water mix on a lift during hot seasons, every other time it won't do the normal white water spray, it'll give you a dry looking spotty spray. That should worry you. When you see that, forget alcohol and go all soap mixture. Heavy on the soap and make it hot so the film softens up and relaxes. Lay down the problem area, and gently lift the edges and hit it with alcohol. 

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