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Is this an acceptable job?


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I'm wondering if this is an acceptable tint job. The edges on the back window (smaller right part) tint doesn't cover the entire window (this applies to both sides of the windows). The front passenger windows has a line of window that isn't covered, which is no biggie but it's the back part that I'm a little shaky about. This is the first time I got my car tinted. 



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The quarters need some work :twocents

Looks like the line on the roll ups could be where your window rotates as it rolls up. Go to the installing shop....be nice....and ask them if they can make you happy. Lots of variablesi dont know like price.......

Remember to be polite and ask to be helped. Generally tinters want the customer to be happy!

Get that paint buffed up :beer


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I paid 320 for the llumar atc for the 4 doors and the ceramic for the windshield & glare strip. limo tints in the back 2 doors and back windshield. Not sure if that's a good price or not but thanks for the help. that's what i figured that the tint on the gasket can be better.

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I don't get it so its a hack job. You know that it is m what you want me to hold your hand and take you back to the shop and tell them what's wrong with it. Jj.just take it back and have them take the tint off and redo it.good luck. It drives me crazy that they charge $320 and give you a job like that what gives?

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