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how do you get a template of rubber window with?


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hello sorry for the repetitive posts but for this question i haven't found the exact answer so i would appreciate any help.


when you guys get a template for a rubber window on a ute or van, what do you use? as i can't get a long film template unless i just use a new one.


and is there any good pen to mark? every time i use permanent or normal pen it either doesn't mark properly on template or leave to thick


line. very hard to gauge what line i should cut 


and how do you get a nice template for the rubber window has got demister black connector?



so i will summarize my question...


1. what material is the best to get the template for rubber window?

2. what pen is the best to mark?

3. what to do with demister?



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Making any pattern is usually done with an Olfa or NT razor knife, rubber gasket or not.


With rubber you only extend the blade out about one half a blade segment, allowing the body of the knife to be a protective buffer against cutting rubber bits off. Begin at the rubber/glass intersect and press the blade through to the glass surface. It is important the knife blade be parallel to the rubber's edge at first cut-through positing however, once you penetrate the film and before beginning to travel along the rubber's edge, you need tilt the sharp edge of the blade slightly away from the rubber. This will keep you from cutting or shaving the rubber's edge. Hold this blade position the entire length of each cut-stroke you make.


Too many people believe they need position the cutting edge at 45 degree angle into the glass/rubber intersect. To preserve the rubber's integrity though, it best to tilt slightly away from the rubber. Move along in this fashion as if it were a fine line marker and you should find success in templating with your film rather than butcher paper or a large piece of left over film liner material.


If you must make a template first, you can use butcher paper or a large piece of scrap liner material. Place it on misted glass surface, squeegee to lock in place and take a chop stick that you have trimmed down to a point (not a sharp point) but a fine point that does not tear the material, rather it mildly creases the material at the glass/rubber intersect point. You can also use a pencil without a sharp point. Remove your template and when cut-tracing on your film piece travel at the inside edge of your crease line. Permanent markers do come in super fine point however, with the pressure necessary for imprinting at the intersect point, you will mash the tip to a point of being wider.


For demister terminal, you can draw or cut your material around these. Place a light inside on the rear deck to brighten the area you are working at, so you more can easily see the outline. 

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