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Sun-Gard Shadow tint?

Guest dc

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Any tinters here have any experience with Sun-Gard's new "Shadow" tint?

I am thinking of having my car tinted and the local shop told me about the new Shadow film. It has a lifetime warranty from fading/discoloring from Sun-Gard and it looks awesome. It's one of those semi-metallic looking films that isn't mirror, but isn't fully black either.

I did a search on Google and on Sun-Gard's site but I couldn't find any info on this new Shadow film. Anybody here have experience with this particular model of tint?

Cheers. :rollin

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The shop showed me a sample pic and the Shadow tint looks just like the other semi-reflective tint films out there, such as the Llumar Platinum Plus, Johnson Executive, SunTek OP, Madico CoolChrome, etc. I did some searching and apparently Sun-Gard already has this type of film, but called Endurance? Perhaps the Shadow is the updated version of the Endurance?

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Guest skeeter

Got a call from a Sun Gardthe other day. Asked about color stable 40 percent-answer "endurance." They probably aren't used to the name change but that is most likely the same film.

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Thanks, I'll most likely go ahead with the tint and let you guys know how it goes. I love the look of the Endurance line so hopefully this Shadow tint is the same or gives a similar result.

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Guest Sprinter

got a flyer today and they mention the film and yes its called shadow but its the midnight charcoal that has been upgraded to a lifetime warranty it also covers excess change of color!!

also the midnight smoke is now called midnight and has the same warranty as the shadow w/color change warranty! and this is a dyed film!

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