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customer returning?? damage???

Guest fimmo

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Guest fimmo

tinted a new style mini last week,got a phone call this morning,the guy says there is a small puncture mark next to the red reflector on the drivers side door panel

this reflector has to be removed because there is a hidden screw behind it,I'm a panel puller you see!

now,I remember the small mark as I was putting it back together,but I'm not sure if it was there before! in all my time tinting I have never damaged a panel,one of the reasons being my flat headed screw drivers are all covered in masking tape so they dont scratch/tear panels etc.

this reflector has 3 legs holding it on,top,left and right not the bottom so I remove it from the bottom and come to think of it,the driver side was the last door I did so I already knew where to put the screw driver to remove it!!!!

but anyway he phone's me up and ask's if I done it?? I say I honestly dont know but I can remember a mark being there,but he still wants to come down and show me? any advice on what to do??

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Guest dodgyone

Get him to come down and show him your tools taped up so as not to cause damage. Show him how you take that part of the trim off. Hopefully he will see there was no way it was you and leave it at that. If it was you - gotta fix it. Being up front about it is usually appreciated.

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Guest H?perOptik

the fact that he called to check with you indicates to me that he's a reasonable person, otherwise, he'd show up at your doorstep and chew your head off before you could say HI!

showing him how your work and your taped instruments as dodgyone suggested will allow him to judge for himself...

good luck!

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when I see something like this I write it on the work order and when the customer is paying out the salesman points it out and makes them aware. otherwise people are going to leave and find something then sure nuff blame you for it.

in the future I would definitely write it down on paper and show the customer before they leave.

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Guest S and S
If its something thats simple to replace just fix it.  You cant win that battle and the customer cant bad mouth you if you fix it

:rollin yea I am with johnny on it...if your not sure...it aint gonna cost that much..$20 at the most

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