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tts and td

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thanks alot guys. ive been trying to dry shrink here and there when I have some extra time. in case I fark it up . but hav had no problems since I posted my question that the two of you answered. I am not using powder but dryer sheets instead. and I have to admit I am realy begining to love this shrink. I am currently using a pocket wet shrink. but even though the dry ( as of yet I should say since I am still getting the technique down) isnt saving me any time. it just seems like an easier shrink method. it seems more like the gun shrinks the film not me. of course I still need some more practice on it to master it. but had it not been for the pics from you tts , and you td informing me of where to start shrinking. I would have given up on it and continued to use the wet shrink. so again thank you very much

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Guest thetintshop

cool. :jerkit

I tried wet shrinking once. I honestly don't know how you guys do that kind of shrink. it was hard and very time consuming. I guess it depends on what you learn with first.

just keep doing it and you'll get the hang of it. and when you finally do, you'll wonder why the hell you weren't doing it that way the whole time.

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I used to LOVE wet shrinking, then I tried powder and then dryer sheets adn have stuck with those methods. for the life of me now I dont think I could wet shrink a tough backglass anymore. it seems alot harder than it used to be :hmmm

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